It will be your regret not to go to Phuket this summer


Phuket is the first choice for many tourists as a summer destination, as a cost-effective island with a stunning sea view. Phuket's tourism industry is well-developed and there are many good hotels and resorts on the island. The best beaches in Phuket are concentrated on the west coast, which is the Andaman Sea, with generally fine and soft sand and clear water. While most of the east coast is the port, although calm, the beach is generally poor, after the tide more reefs, not very suitable for swimming. So most of the quality beach resorts are concentrated on the west coast, while the East is more of a mountain seaview hotel. The west coast, in turn, is more commercialized and has more amenities in the south-central part. The northern part of the west coast is the hub of large, luxurious resorts, so you won't be bored with a full day at the hotel. The beaches that are usually popular with tourists are Patong, Karon and Kata, all of which are located in the west.


Nai Yang Beach is near the airport, in a national park reserve, and relatively pristine, with ordinary sand quality. The sand is fine and soft, but there are more tourists in the past two years, and the seawater will be dirty in the off-season. All three beaches will have more abundant supporting facilities, such as beach chairs, you can buy water and drinks, and a variety of towing umbrellas and motorboats and other water sports.

First-time visitors to Phuket choose to stay at the western beaches. But how to choose from the many beaches in the West? Many tourists want to wander around Phuket Town, but you need to know that Phuket Town is not near the sea, so if you have plans to visit here, you can stay for one night only.


If you like to enjoy your beach vacation in peace and just want to lay back and relax in your hotel every day, then you can choose to stay in the northern region. There are numerous luxury hotel resorts in the northern region, such as JW Marriott, Anantara, and Renaissance all in Mackay. The hotel resorts are well set up and most of them include restaurants, gyms, laundry rooms, etc. However, if you like to be lively and want to shop around, it is not very convenient to stay in the north because, unlike the bustling south, there are various convenience stores and restaurants around.

Of course, the East Coast, like the North, is not necessarily out of the question. There are some great oceanfront hotels on the East Coast, such as Point Yamu By Como, and there are also some masterfully designed oceanfront villas with great views and great privacy. Only in comparison, the beaches on the east coast will be poor and the hotels will have slightly less beach than the west coast. So if you are a family traveller and want to take your kids to play at the beach, then the water quality and beach of the west coast are more suitable for beach activities. If you are a hotel lover, then some trendy sea-view hotels in the east will give you surprises.


Faced with a large number of hotels, those who have difficulty choosing will surely go crazy. The article gives you a suggestion to try to choose a new hotel rather than an old one when choosing a hotel. New hotels not only have a good interior design but also generally have a good choice of location.