The key strategy for the Olympic Games to promote the development of local tourism



As the biggest event of human sports activities in the world, the Olympic Games can often provide great help for the economic development of the host place. Next, I will use three examples to illustrate the key strategies of the Olympic Games for tourism development.

One of the key strategies to promote tourism launched by the Pingchang Winter Olympics is to internationalize Jiangyuandao cuisine and other attractive projects. It is wise to increase the number of tourists by promoting Korean cuisine and other attractions. Another key strategy is that the OCOG has signed a cooperation agreement with the Korean Tourism Organization to establish a partnership. KTO is committed to presenting the Winter Olympics and promoting the development of tourism. The two sides will work together to promote Korean culture in exhibitions and performances. KTO also invites people from all over the world to learn about the services provided by the host country of the Olympic Games for tourists. They develop tourism products, provide accommodation and other services. This strategy plays a very important role in attracting tourists from all over the world. In addition, in London, they manage publicity booths to consolidate overseas alliances.


One of the key strategies to promote and improve tourism launched by the Tokyo Olympic Games is to build more infrastructure to help tourists travel in Tokyo. The Tokyo Olympic Committee will attract tourists to watch the games through more and more advanced equipment. Due to frequent earthquakes and other disasters in Japan, the organizers established more safety facilities and appliances to ensure the safety of tourists. Tokyo provides more services or products for tourists through cooperation with foreign market organizations. In order to meet the needs of tourists, Tokyo has opened more restaurants and accommodation. In addition, transportation facilities such as airports and tour guides provide convenience for tourists. Another strategy is to attract tourists by enhancing the enthusiasm of host guest interaction and displaying Japanese culture. The combination of sports and Japanese culture makes the Tokyo Olympic Games an attractive event. The close relationship between the tourism industry and the local community has created a balance between host guests and stage performances.


A key strategy to promote the tourism development of the Beijing Winter Olympics is policy support at the national level. China has listed winter sports tourism as an important part of tourism. In addition, China encourages people to actively participate in winter sports activities. Many provinces have formulated detailed winter sports development plans to tap the potential of winter sports. Therefore, huge economic benefits begin to emerge. The Chinese government is trying to show its concern for the Olympic Games by increasing people's enthusiasm and enthusiasm for winter sports. Therefore, tourists will see the potential of China's tourism industry and travel to China. Another important strategy is to build facilities and sites. In order to attract more athletes or sports enthusiasts to China, China plans to build many ski resorts and facilities. In addition, China is committed to creating an attractive and influential Olympic resort. The resort will become a symbol of China's winter sports tourism industry. China's efforts to attract tourists are commendable.

In general, the key strategy of the Olympic Games needs to combine the policies and cultural habits of the local government.