Advantages of pension insurance


Medical insurance and critical illness insurance are also important, they are important protection for a family to avoid poverty due to illness, and illness is the biggest risk for the elderly. The protection that social security can provide is very limited and subject to many restrictions, such as many imported drugs or domestic new drugs with significant efficacy and side effects. In addition, critical illness insurance for the elderly has limited coverage and limited critical illness compensation. Therefore, if conditions permit, buy medical insurance if the age allows.


 Millions of medical products from major insurance companies can be selected. After the distribution of medical insurance, if the economic prosperity can appropriately supplement major diseases, the older the age of critical illness insurance for the elderly, the higher the premium, it is recommended to choose critical illness insurance suitable for their own economic situation before the age of 60, and the payment period is selected for five years or more than ten years. There is cancer insurance specially developed for the elderly, the older age can be insured, if the elderly are too old, the price of ordinary critical illness insurance is too high or insurable, you can consider buying cancer insurance separately.

 Pension insurance has 3 advantages: pension insurance can resist the impact of inflation; The more we pay, the longer we pay, the more pension we can receive in retirement; Pension insurance is governed by national laws, protected by law, and very safe.

Many friends may not be very clear, in fact, we have been carrying out long-term "fixed investment plans" since we joined the work. Every month, we and our company "invest" money, and when we retire, we can start receiving money from this retirement investment plan. This ultra-long-term "fixed investment plan" is the endowment insurance in social security.


Pension insurance can protect us when we are old, life security, and has three major advantages:

Advantage 1:When my parents were young, their monthly salary was only a few hundred yuan, and they only paid a few dollars a month for social security, and now that they are retired, they can receive a pension of several thousand yuan a month. It can be seen that pensions will increase with the growth of the average wage level of society, and to a certain extent, they can withstand the impact of inflation.

Advantage 2: the more you pay, the longer you pay, the more money you can get, so we pay more pension insurance when we are young, and we don't suffer losses.

Advantage 3: Endowment insurance is protected by national laws and is very safe The Social Insurance Law stipulates that when the basic pension insurance fund is underpaid, it should be subsidized by the government. Therefore, we don't have to worry about paying pension insurance now, and we won't get money when we are old


Pension insurance is a super long-term plan, which guarantees our life in old age, simply put, pay money before retirement and receive money after retirement, so that we also have a certain source of income after retirement