Bath, a city not to be missed on a UK tour


In Bath, every house has a sunken 'back garden' with doors painted in different colours, bringing a jump of spirit to the old-style building. Window sills filled with pots of flowers, people's love for life is reflected in these little details.

When in Bath, you won't want to miss Sally Lunn's buttered bread, the oldest building in Bath, a bakery with a history of 100 years. The store's buttered bread is served with traditional English cream tea, which can make you experience a feast for your taste buds. The bread continues to be made with a hundred years of hair distribution, with a fluffy texture, and the fragrance of cinnamon filling the whole restaurant and even spreading to the streets.

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If you want to sightsee in Bath, then you can take a ride on an open-topped double-decker red bus on a nice day. Enjoy the ample sunshine, follow the bus through each alley, feel the personality of each street and overlook the sunny passers-by. Or sit on a bench and laze around, or take a nap with a cup of coffee.

The Baths Museum is a landmark of Bath, with many beautiful hot spring baths built in the Roman Empire, including a large bath located 6 meters below the ground, the hot spring of the King's Bath, the remains of the temple, the statue of Mishra, the wishing pool and various ceremonial artefacts. The Roman Baths Museum is one of the most famous buildings that were built by the Romans in Bath, and you can see where people used to bathe and relax in ancient times.

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The Victorian reception hall at the entrance of the museum is gorgeous, with vaulted ceilings carved with views of the four seasons. Admission is £15.50 for adults and £13.75 for seniors over 65. The museum displays many precious artefacts of the time, stone sculptures and sculptures of the Roman period, and even the actual grounds where ancient people exercised and played, which truly record the glorious history of the past. What is surprising is that the staff in the museum are dressed up in ancient Roman costumes as warriors of the time, which makes many visitors admire and take pictures and have an excellent tour experience.

One of the most popular restaurants in Bath, the Pump Room is located above the King's Bath, and was originally built to provide visitors with a view of the baths, but is now a restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous and the food is delicious. Many visitors choose to order a cup of tea here and enjoy the hot springs, which is very relaxing.


The University of Bath is located on a hill and can be reached by bus if you wish to visit. The peaceful and cultural atmosphere of the campus makes every visitor feel at peace and comfortable. Bath is different from other old English towns with a rich history, it is elegant in its heaviness and attracts a constant stream of tourists.