In ancient China, this was a place that even the emperor often visited


Yangzhou is located in the southeast of China, an ancient city that thrives on water and has a prominent location.

Very different from other busy metropolises, the slow pace of life here gives the city a high sense of well-being. People here enjoy their lives, they are content and optimistic, and you can see the people relaxing and entertaining in many streets and alleys. You can see people playing, singing, talking, walking their dogs and playing cards.


Dongguan Street, the ancient street of Yangzhou City, is especially busy during the holidays, with the bustling crowds and the colourful nights, it is crowded with tourists who come here to visit, some of them will walk into the randomly chosen tour to taste the local food, while others will hang out in the local stores on both sides.

Another place for tourists to hang out is Pi Market Street. This is a literary and fresh-style old street in Yangzhou, where many literary youths have opened a lot of very unique bookstores, flower stores, coffee houses, studios and snack stores. It is also very suitable for taking pictures if you have enough time, you can browse the small stores on the street, or you can read a book and drink coffee, you will not feel tired of spending an afternoon here. To explore the footprints of Yangzhou's thousands of years of history, you can visit the Yangzhou Museum. When you arrive at the entrance of the museum, the first thing you will see is the stone statue in front of the museum, which is placed very comfortably, so that you will know that Yangzhou is an ancient city, and naturally, there is no shortage of exquisite collections in the museum. The overall architecture of the museum is modern, simple and unobtrusive.


As an ancient city in Jiangnan, Yangzhou's gardens are also very Chinese in character. The Garden of Individuals is one of the most famous gardens in Yangzhou, with many residences and rockeries, typical of the gardens in Jiangnan. You can enter through the north gate, first the garden, then the residence, which is the regular tour route. Through the Wanzhu Garden, you can enter the area of the mansion from the Jias of Zhuxi, stroll through the mansions from east to west, and then you can enter the four seasons wigwam area from the alley of the westernmost mansions, follow the transient of spring, summer, autumn and winter to view the four seasons wigwams, and then walk from the winter hill to the end of Yiyu Xuan.

From the garden can take a special tourist line to the north gate of the thin West Lake, Daming Temple is near the north gate of the thin West Lake, turn around and you can walk from the north gate of the thin West Lake to the south gate. Daming Temple's fame in Yangzhou is still very big, the national 4A-level scenic spot, the national key cultural relics protection unit, was built in the Southern Dynasty Song Xiaowu Emperor Daming years, so the temple was named. From Daming Temple to Slim West Lake is very close, you can enter the scenic area through the north gate. The beauty of Slim West Lake is that it has a kind of graceful beauty of Jiangnan water village, as if a slender and beautiful fair lady, the whole lake is sometimes narrow and sometimes wide, and the name "Slim West Lake" comes from it. Slim West Lake's scenic area in the garden architecture is simple and colourful, the lake on both sides of the woods, strolling in the Slim West Lake, a million poetry and painting let people intoxicated, is one of the must-see attractions to Yangzhou.