Catch the aurora borealis in a mysterious snowy country, you can come to Finland


Due to its special geographical location, the Northern Lights often visit the Finnish Lapland region, where they can even be seen more than 200 nights a year. Inari is far from the pollution of city lights, surrounded by lakes, and you can also see the aurora borealis reflected in the lake. Not only can you look up and see the aurora borealis in the sky, but the lake also reflects the aurora borealis, and this double aurora borealis gives you a shocking visual impact. Saliselka is also a highly recommended aurora spot in Finland. It is a small town with few inhabitants, so it is quiet and beautiful. The best thing about this place is that visitors can stay in the unique glass rooms. The Aurora Glass House is designed for visitors who want to enjoy the aurora borealis, and the entire roof is made of reinforced glass.


In addition to the above 2 cities, there is also a famous Finnish city - Rovaniemi. Here the aurora borealis is as colourful as living in a fairy tale. There are many good places to see the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi, near the city: the Arctic Garden behind the Arctic Museum, and the summit of Mount Onasvara. Apart from the Aurora Borealis, there are so many things to do in Rovaniemi: dog sledging, reindeer farms, snowmobiling, and the world's only officially certified Santa Claus is based here, so you can take an intimate photo with him in Santa Claus Village. 

If you're in Finland, many recommended areas are perfect to visit. Just remember that no matter which area you choose to chase the aurora borealis, you need to choose a place with open space away from the city lights to have a better view of the aurora.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in Finland's Urhoekkonen National Park and offers a variety of aurora glass houses throughout the resort, with many room types to choose from, such as glass dome rooms, glass dome chalets, chalets, dome snow houses and even a honeymoon suite for couples. There are even honeymoon suites for couples, where you can easily get a glimpse of the colourful land of snow and ice while lying in bed through the glass dome.

Snowman World Glass Resort is a new and luxurious glass house in Finland. Unlike ordinary glass houses, which have less space, this glass house is a detached villa, thus offering more angles to enjoy the aurora borealis and snowy scenery. The location is also excellent, situated within the North Pole village and walking distance of some of the surrounding attractions. The hotel is located right next door to Santa's office, which makes it easy to enjoy the various programs in Santa's Village, making it a perfect location. However, as there are not many rooms available at this hotel, you need to book in advance every year or it will be fully booked. Don't miss the outdoor Jacuzzi pool, after all, a bath under the aurora borealis in the snow is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.