Top Ten Beautiful Garden Architectures in China


The garden architectures are one of the Chinese traditional and classical buildings in the whole world. The styles of garden building in the mainland have two categories, one is the Royal Family Buildings like the Summer Palace in Beijing, the other is the Water-Mountain Building like the Humble Administrator’s Park in Suzhou. Each of Both has its own feature and unique beauty with rich history and deep culture.

It is not only to present our ancestor’s wish and like, but also clearly show the harmony of the local hydrology and people who live in there. Too many to count, here we will look at several of top ten beautiful buildings in China.


Suzhou Gardens

Suzhou Gardens, also famous as the "Father of Gardens", inherits the essence of Chinese classical furniture gardening art and integrates Chinese traditional garden art with modern design ideas. Suzhou gardens not only have the beautiful and unique local style of Chinese classical architecture, but also have the modern urban style.


Suzhou has been named after Oriental Venice thanks to its location and inside beauty, circled by plenty of waters, lakes and rivers. To mention Suzhou, the most important topic we cannot ignore is about its’ garden architectures. There are around 50 buildings existing now, more than 120 buildings and architectures have disappeared since the late of Qing Dynasty. In 1997 Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Park, Lion Forest Park and Huaixiu Courtyard were listed into the intangible culture heritage while in 2000, another five gardens were also listed into the directory of WICH. There is a long story about the Suzhou, today we would like brief one of the gardens in Suzhou. Take Humble Administrator's Garden as an example, it integrates the beauty of classical architecture, garden art and humanistic spirit.


Another example is called Liu Park, also named as Lingering Park, which means the place is so pretty and attractive that many visitors would not leave here to go to other places at all. Located in the northwest corner of the ancient city of Suzhou, it is called the four famous gardens of Suzhou together with Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden. With regards of architectural art, it also has a distinctive style. Suzhou gardens are famous for their large area expertise and superb gardening art; It is famous for its small freehand brushwork and superb gardening art; It is famous for its concise and brilliant gardening art; It is famous for its outstanding and superb gardening art.


Beijing Summer Palace

The Summer Palace,a royal- family garden, is located in Haidian District, Beijing, in the north of Beijing downtown, covering an area of about 300 hectares. Taking Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain as the base sites, Hangzhou West Lake as the blueprint, drawing on the gardening techniques of Jiangnan gardens and Chinese traditional gardening techniques, and drawing on the western gardening techniques and architectural forms, a complete imperial classical garden has been formed.


Shanghai Yu Park

Yu Garden, located in the Shanghai, built originally as a private garden in the Ming Dynasty, has a history of more than 400 years by 2022.

Pan Yunduan, the official staff working in Sichuan Province, also the owner of the garden, built the park as a private residence at beginning. Through several of decades of painstaking management, the park changed into the name we use now as Yu Park, which means Peace and safety.

Yu Garden, an area of more than 70 mu at first, was designed by Zhang Nanyang, a famous garden architect in the Ming Dynasty, our ancients praised Yu Garden as the most beautiful garden in the southeast. However, it cannot be compared with Suzhou Gardens. If we say Suzhou Park stand the second place, no park is able to replace the admiration of Suzhou Parks in the heart of the public.


Whatever it stands for, the royal garden or scholar-official garden, it’s the wisdom fruit of our ancestors and leaves the great honor example we should respect and follow to study forever. When you look at it more, you will learn more. Beautiful place create beautiful thoughts and feed kind people. It’s luck for us to live in China, plenty of opportunities for us to take in and enrich the young generation’s thought, inspiring them to create another new magical charter in the near future.