What is the metaverse?



Before proposing this concept, let's imagine a huge virtual world. This virtual world has all the systems and structures in the real world. We can do many things in this virtual world and interact with others. What kind of world is this? This is the metaverse.

The metaverse has great potential and charm. Both Facebook and Epic Games want to be a metaverse company. They want a piece of the cake. The metaverse is slowly entering the center of the era. People have different definitions of it. But in essence, it is a huge virtual world. Because of its unique financial system, everyone can trade in this virtual world and obtain their own wealth.

What makes it novel or unique?

The reason why we can get the same experience and sense of existence in the metaverse as in the real world is that the metaverse is developing towards the real world. For example, in 20 years, people can work in the metaverse. People can also enjoy fun and life in the metaverse. You don't have to shop in the real world to try on clothes and shoes. You can try to buy in the metaverse, because the metaverse has the data of all goods in reality. Imagine driving to a nearby arena. Suddenly, you change your mind and choose to enter the metaverse immediately to participate in a lively rock concert. What a wonderful thing it should be! The metaverse is so convenient and unique that it is completely different from the previous virtual reality or other virtual concepts.

What we can know is that the emergence of the metaverse will undoubtedly bring a new technological revolution. Even if the metaverse fails to achieve the epic vision that many people expect, it may fundamentally change people's way of life. We live in this virtual world and interact with it. In the computer knowledge system, the meta universe can be simply summarized as a very large database. This database contains a lot of information and data in the real world. This is a collective virtual experience. It provides new opportunities for everyone. It not only reshapes many things, but also creates new things. image.png

Why do I think this is a revolutionary idea?

First of all, you can be anyone you want to be. This is experience. People have changed from consumers in the past to creators of virtual worlds. This is an unprecedented immersive experience. In the future, the core of interaction is to immerse in the story space rather than the picture space.

Secondly, the metaverse focuses on what people are rather than what they like, and finds the root in the metaverse.

To sum up, so many revolutionary features and development directions show that the meta universe has great potential. As its problems are solved, it will become the most popular and influential thing after the Internet. It will certainly bring about a great revolution.