What accidents are not covered by accident insurance?


In modern society, people are more and more concerned about the safety of life and property, and they have become more and more aware of the need to buy accident insurance. However, most people are still not familiar with accident insurance, and many people have the misconception that if they buy accident insurance, then they can get claims for any accidents, but the truth is that there are still some accidents that are not covered. Nowadays, many accident insurance policies are inexpensive, yet they give consumers a layer of protection in their lives. However, many people take it for granted when they buy accident insurance that if they have an accident, they will be covered. Today we'll talk about which accidents, accident insurance does not cover.


1. During pregnancy. Most accident insurance products will include "pregnancy, miscarriage, or childbirth" as an exclusion, and accidents that occur during pregnancy are not covered. If you want to be covered during pregnancy, you can consider maternity insurance, high-end medical insurance, and maternity and infant insurance. 2. Sudden death. As mentioned earlier, sudden death is not covered by accident insurance for sudden death, although it is an accident in our conventional perception. The fundamental reason is that sudden death is not caused by an accident but by a disease. In recent years, some accident insurance policies can come with sudden death coverage, such as those for high-intensity workers.


2. Individual food poisoning. Generally, if it is not a group poisoning (more than 3 people), but only an individual poisoning, it is not covered by the accident recognized by the insurance, because it may be caused by an individual disease factor or poor physical condition. For example, if a consumer eats at a restaurant with his family and friends, and then after the meal the consumer is admitted to the hospital due to food poisoning, yet several other people are not unharmed, then this situation is not mass poisoning and the insurance company is not liable to pay benefits. 


 3. Surgical accident. The insurance policy does not cover accidents that are not caused by disease, sudden onset, or unintentional. 

4. Falls due to illness. For example, if an elderly person falls due to a sudden heart attack and dies after an unsuccessful resuscitation, it will not be covered if they have accident insurance. The reason for the fall is a sudden heart attack, and the direct cause of death is also due to a sudden heart attack, so it is not covered by accident insurance. 

5. high-risk sports. Many accident insurance policies exclude coverage for high-risk sports. High-risk sports include many sports, such as diving, parachuting, rock climbing, hiking, etc., and are subdivided by each insurance company in their regulations. Even boxing is considered a high-risk sport. Many accident insurance policies exclude coverage for high-risk sports, which have a very high probability of accidents.