A few attractions that you have to visit in Seattle


Seattle has unique city atmosphere has been attracting a large number of tourists to come to visit, this article will share with you the Seattle neighbourhood is very worth playing a good place. During the rainy season, it is cloudy and raining almost every day in Seattle, so if you go to Seattle, try to avoid the rainy season. However, due to its unique location, Seattle is not particularly hot even in summer, so visitors should prepare a thin jacket to prevent catching a cold.

The whole city of Seattle is not very big, so in addition to some attractions in the city centre, there are some other attractions located around Seattle that are also worth visiting. The first is the Space Needle, a Seattle landmark that every visitor to Seattle is sure to visit. The article suggests that visitors choose to visit in the evening because you can see the sunset spilling over the building's landscape, not only can you watch the sunset and the view of the city in the distance, but if you choose to climb the 360-degree observation deck, you can also overlook the entire Seattle, the shocking beauty must make you feel that you did not waste the ticket price. However, you should know that during the summer months, when the city's tourist season is at its peak, many visitors go to the Space Needle in the evening, so it's best to buy your tickets in advance and head to the observation deck early to get a great spot to enjoy the sunset. Another Seattle landmark is the Pike Place Market, which is also a frequent scene in many TV shows and movies. Not only tourists but also Seattle locals love Pike Place Market, which offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. The most interesting thing is that there is a seafood store in Pike Place Market that performs flying fish show to attract customers. In addition, there are good quality cheeses and beautiful and cheap flowers, making it a great place for you and your friends to hang out.

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Many visitors will find that Mount Rainier is a distant snow-capped mountain that can be glimpsed from downtown Seattle. It takes about two hours to drive from downtown Seattle to Mount Rainier, so if you want to make a round trip that day, you only need to go earlier.

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From the base of the mountain, you'll meet up the mountain via a switchback road, which offers majestic mountain views and plenty of wildlife along the way. If you have plans to hike and climb, then you'd better wear professional outdoor sports shoes, although the road is not difficult to walk, in the middle may wade through the water to take the dirt road, outdoor sports shoes have anti-slip ability is stronger can guarantee your safety when walking the mountain road. The above are a few of the recommended places to visit in Seattle, readers can go to these attractions in the future.

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