When in Europe, you must visit these towns


In Europe, a land of history and surprises, there are many possibilities for beauty: mysterious and romantic castles, majestic temples, and charming towns... all year round, countless travellers come from all over the world to find the depth of Western culture in the natural scenery and urban architecture. For interested readers to bring more travel inspiration to play around Europe.

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Break into a fairy tale town - Prague

If you want to visit Prague, autumn is undoubtedly the best season to see the city from the towers of the old town, where the brick buildings are lined up to form a patchwork of brick-red tower tops. The whole city looks like a red filter, with maple leaves of varying saturation dotting the streets and alleys, complementing the sunset in the "fairy tale city", which makes people stop frequently. Speaking of city scenery, why not go to Prague Castle to enjoy the beauty of the city? As the world's largest ancient castle, Prague Castle is a combination of church, palace and courtyard, where travellers can enjoy the autumn gardens, visit the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, or go to the observation deck overlooking the city's red-roofed buildings; after viewing the city from afar, travellers are advised to take a walk in the Old Town to experience the charming style of the place.

The Vltava River flows through the city, and a walk along the river will take you to one famous spot after another, with the city's main tourist attractions clustered along its banks. The Dancing House, for example, is a unique building that attracts visitors to take pictures, then to Charles Bridge, where you can enjoy live performances by street artists, and then to classic sites such as the Kafka Museum and Lennon's Wall, where you can enjoy Prague's old town in the autumn. More interesting stores and attractions are concentrated around Old Town Square, so it is recommended that you stay near Old Town Square for easy walking access to all the attractions.


In addition to Prague, there is another beautiful town in the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov, which is one of the most beautiful towns in the world! The town is divided into two halves by the Vltava River, with a stream flowing gently under the old stone roads, and the town is filled with Gothic architecture and romantic scenery.

The beautiful jewel of Europe - Budapest

Budapest is both a quiet and very characteristic city. Winter is the recommended season to travel to Budapest when travellers can sip wine and foie gras while soaking in the thermal baths and feeling the softness of the Danube. Budapest has a long history of spa culture: the Romans have been enjoying spas in Budapest for more than 2,000 years ago, and the city has the best mineral springs with water of good medicinal and wellness value, and today thousands of tourists come here specifically to experience a winter soak.

These are the European cities worth visiting, if you have time to travel to Europe, you must come to these cities to experience a different kind of urban style.