You must know this about accident insurance.


One of the most common phrases in the insurance world is that you don't know which comes first, tomorrow or the accident. The ever-changing world has made us also see too many instances of accidents to people or things. For example, a citizen who was just taking a normal walk on the road was hit by a falling billboard, a building that suddenly collapsed for no reason resulting in a major loss of property and life... Accident time strikes unexpectedly and leaves people unprepared, but the only thing you can do to prepare is to buy accident insurance for yourself and your family.


Before buying accident insurance we need to fully understand accident insurance. Accident insurance generally only covers death, total disability, disability, medical expenses, etc. caused by an accident.

Accident insurance is relatively simple, but the accident here has a clear definition in the insurance, and we usually describe the broad sense of "accident", there are some differences. The insurance policy defines accidental injury as an injury to the body directly caused by an external, sudden, unintentional, non-disease, or objective event. Accident insurance coverage is simple, if you have not yet purchased accident insurance, the article picks a few popular products for your reference. Pacific Casualty Insurance Bodyguard This is a product sold by MicroEnsure, and the biggest highlight is the high amount of sudden death coverage, which is in line with the basic coverage. However, the annual premium for a 30-year-old 500,000 coverage is $198, which is quite expensive compared to other products.


The accidental injury medical insurance benefit and accidental disability insurance benefit of Pacific Century Insurance Bodyguard are optional. If you do not choose the accidental disability benefit, only 10% of the basic sum insured will be paid for Grade 1-9 disability. In general, the accidental disability benefits are 100% for the first level, 90% for the second level, 80% for the third level, and so on. ZhongAn WuXiaoBaoMillion comprehensive accident insurance. This is insurance sold on the Alipay platform. The coverage is comprehensive, including accidental medical coverage, specific traffic accident coverage, and sudden death coverage. The coverage is up to 500,000 for specific traffic accidents and 30,000 for accidental medical care. However, the sudden death coverage is only 50,000, which is slightly lower compared to other products that also include sudden death coverage. It should be noted that the accidental medical deductible of Zhong An Carefree Insurance is 200 RMB, which is very high among similar products, and the premium is about 100 RMB higher than that of Little Bee Annual Comprehensive Accident Insurance (Beyond). Asia Pacific Superman Accident Insurance. The coverage of Asia Pacific Superman is relatively simple, mainly covering death/disability, accidental medical treatment, and sudden death. The main advantages of Asia Pacific Superman are high-cost performance and sudden death coverage.  Xiaomi Comprehensive Accident Insurance. Xiaomi's comprehensive accident insurance is simple, cost-effective, and has a maximum coverage of 1 million. After reading some basic knowledge about accident insurance, if you are someone who has not yet purchased accident insurance then you can now refer to the accident insurance products recommended in this article to choose to buy.