The indoor attractions you can't miss in Auckland!


Auckland not only has unique and magnificent natural scenery but also has many indoor attractions as the largest city in New Zealand North Island. In this article, we will introduce a few indoor attractions in Auckland that are worth visiting, not only for sightseeing but also for many interesting experiences.


Talking about the indoor attractions in Auckland, we have to mention the Auckland Sky Tower. This tower is taller than the Eiffel Tower in France, with a height of 328 meters. Of course, not only the height is a feature of the tower, but also the unique activities of the Sky Tower are the main attraction for tourists. Visitors to this tower can challenge the unique adventure project "Skywalk", which is a unique walking frame outside the sky tower, walking along a 1.2-meter-wide walkway without handrails, next to the sky, as if walking in the clouds, which makes people feel the tension and excitement of a racing heart. and excitement.


If you are interested in this program, you need to book the program in advance. Skywalk is open from 10 am-4 pm. After completing this challenge, visitors can also get a certificate of courage and a Sky Tower tour ticket, which means they can climb the Sky Tower for free on the same day. It is also the only restaurant in Auckland with 360-degree rotating movement. It is a very enjoyable experience to enjoy the panoramic view of Auckland while enjoying the food. Due to the high reputation of this restaurant, you must make a reservation in advance before coming to this restaurant, otherwise, it is very likely to be empty.

How can you come to Auckland without visiting Auckland Zoo? Not only the biggest zoo in Auckland but also one of the most advanced zoos in the world, Auckland Zoo, you can see many treasured animals, such as blue penguins, white rhinoceroses, flamingos, etc. No longer through the iron net, but you can get close to the animals around. The biggest highlight is that you can see the KIWI, which is not seen in other zoos, because the KIWI is a unique bird in New Zealand, and it is also the national bird of New Zealand, so the chance of seeing it in other zoos is almost zero. However, even in Auckland Zoo, you need some luck to see KIWI birds. This is because KIWI is very timid and usually only comes out to feed at night.

Kelitaten Underwater World is also a must-see indoor attraction in Auckland. This underwater world is very close to Auckland city centre, and it is also very convenient to get to Kelitaten Underwater World, there is a free bus to and from the main street in the city centre. The bus is also made to look like a fierce shark, which is very eye-catching. This article reminds readers that if you want to visit Kelitaten Underwater World, remember to book your tickets online in advance, as there are discounts for booking tickets online in advance.

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