Where is the farthest place to travel alone


The beginning of a journey

If I want to divide my travel time into three stages, the first stage is to travel alone; The second stage is to study in travel; The third stage is to travel with person I love.

The first trip should be happened in college, long holidays will help us to travel lots at home and abroad. The second stage is supposed to be at 20 years-old to 30 years-old. After working for several years, we have made a living independently, the mind becomes more mature and the packet becomes fatter, we will definitely want to improve ourselves into another higher level. The last one is a period we have met our true love and found he or she is the person we want to stay with all the life forever, travelling is nice choice to get each other more closer and test if you are really in match.


Where you want to go

When I don't remember where the farthest place I have been to before, I always think, how long will I stay at home? Being indoor girl for the rest of my life? No, it is not what I want, even though I’m little scored of talking in public, especially to stranger, I still image I will become an excellent speaker one day and will do something wonderful beyond other’s knowing me.

Except my motherland, I have never touched and footed on the earth of any country before. If you ask me where the farthest place in the world, I will answer is Xinjiang or Tibetan, definitely.


Tibetan and Xinjiang are the places I want to go, both of them have been listed on the travel-plan for many-many years. I could image when I embark on the journey to Tibetan or Xinjiang alone, the first place I would go is Lhasa Palace or Pool Tianchi or Mountain Fire Flaming. I have wasted lots of years on imaging that I would go to Tibet and Poor Tianchi one day and collect funny and interesting materials for my new books to write. Whether I go to these places or not, at least I see that there are so many people around me no encourage to try, of course, I is one of unencouraged group.


Who do you want to travel with

Maybe someone think traveling is to fulfill our dream. The senior travelers must have been to a number of places and seen spectacular landscapes before, can you ensure they are really enjoying themselves and get what they expect? It’s hard to answer this tricky question, I will let you find it.

If permits, I would like to travel with my dog named Big Treasure instead of alive person. I will drive a car with the dog from hometown to Xijiang, Tibetan, Guangdong, Heilongjiang or overseas, who knows? Someday maybe I will realize my dream and make it. These farthest places are no longer the places only existing on my mind.  I look forward to new things, carious on the new people and story, seeking for all the funny and interesting stories to enrich my next book. I don’t need others to accompany me, all the need I want is to be a happy and smile at sometimes, painful and cry at other times. Life needs flexible and movable, being a still water is much boring and unpleasant, I refuse to live like this. My mood and mind like water flow from time to time and from one corner to another one. Keeping moving and changing are the funny experience to endure. If you meet someone like me, would you consider to share your story with me? I cannot wait it any longer to hear from your answer.


Go farther

Although my farthest journey to Xinjiang, Tibetan and Heilongjiang has never been realized, but I believe I will do it in the near future. I can hear the wind calls me, the air touches me, the eagle waves to me. I’m always travelling on my mind, already meeting all kinds of people I create on the mind. Each and every us has a variety of choices to pick up, there are still lots of places and people unknown by us to wait us to discover. Although various difficulties and problems on the way to travel would probably hit us, we still need to look back our choice and asking why we travel, what we seek for, where the meaning of life and when the inner happiness meet.


Please don’t judge me by what I say above, I’m good at creating the story and imaging on the travelling, keeping practices to make you happy and enjoy on my story.