The legendary paradise on earth - Hangzhou


There is an old saying that is widely spread, that is, "There is a paradise above and a Suzhou and Hangzhou below". Hangzhou, a city that has been called "heaven on earth" since ancient times, has a concentration of mountains, lakes, ancient pavilions, trees, temples, etc. How can such a city not be beautiful? When you come to this city, you will deeply feel the charm of the combination of history and nature. Both the natural lake and mountain and the historical monuments are full of praise.


March-April and September-October are the best travel times in Hangzhou every year. The spring breeze is warm and the autumn is crisp, without the summer heat or the winter gloom. But if you don't come to Hangzhou during the best travel time, don't feel sorry because the scenery of West Lake is suitable for all seasons. On rainy days, the lake is covered with mist and the green plants look fresh under the rain. When it snows, it is white in front of your eyes, which gives you a sense of tranquillity, as if the world is quiet at this moment. One of the ten scenes of West Lake, the "broken bridge with snow", is also at its most moving at this time, with white snowflakes piled up on the bridge in the distance, like a beautiful Chinese ink painting.


The summer refinement is more enchanting, with lotus flowers and lotus leaves spread all over the lake, the fragrance is refreshing, the breeze is blowing, and the lake surface ripples slightly. But if you come to Hangzhou in early autumn, you will feel the atmosphere of early autumn here. The weather is crisp and clear in autumn, and the osmanthus blossoms that fill the air are fragrant for ten miles. In the daytime, you can go to watch the great tide of the Qiantang River, and in the evening, you can come to West Lake to take a boat ride and enjoy the scenery around the place, and on clear nights you can see the bright moon.

Hefang Street is an ancient street with a long history and deep cultural heritage. There are many old stores on the street, such as Kong Fengchun Fragrant Powder Shop, Wanlong Ham Shop, Mi Dachang Dry Cigarette Shop, Ye Seed Chinese Medicine Hall, Wang Shunxing Noodle Shop, Weng Longsheng Tea House, etc. Hefang Street is the most representative of Hangzhou's historical, commercial, marketplace and architectural culture, and it is the only old street in Hangzhou that maintains the historical appearance of the ancient city.


Near the West Lake Scenic Area is the Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, which is the earliest Buddhist temple in China and one of the top ten ancient temples in China, preserving many beautiful cultural relics from various dynasties. When you enter the scenic spot, you will see vegetation everywhere, ancient trees in the sky, lush greenery, and clear water flowing down from the mountain. It is said that this temple is very spiritual, and there is an endless stream of incense-bearers who come every day to pay homage to Buddha and pray for blessings. This place has a view of Yongfu Temple, Lingyin Feilai Peak, and Taoguang Temple.