Czech Republic, is worth exploring again and again


The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with both culture and scenery, and maybe you've already been here, but you certainly haven't experienced everything there is to see. When it comes to the Czech Republic, many people tend to think only of Prague, CK towns and human bone churches. But there is more to discover.


If you've never set foot in the Czech Republic, you'll be haunted by it; if you've seen it in all its glory, you won't be able to stop thinking about it, and you'll even want to go on the journey to see it again. This is a country that is worth going to specifically for this purpose, to measure the beauty of Prague's quaint elegance with your feet, to meet the cute moles and Pinocchios from the cartoons, to enjoy the picturesque and picturesque encounters in the picturesque town of Manga CK, and to hunt for the chilling human bone churches waiting for you to adventure. All of the above can make you fall in love with this country full of romantic moods and magical colours.

Step into a romantic literary mecca with a thousand years of history, a wealth of artistic treasures and a variety of architectural styles, and find the legendary Wishing Fountain. From the fairy-tale Prague Castle, walk through the elegant and charming small town, cross the Charles Bridge decorated with baroque sculptures and stroll through the medieval Prague Old Town Square. On the way to the castle district, the vintage but unique trams slowly pass by, with their bells emitting a crisp sound, and stroll through the city to enjoy the city's early mornings and the beautiful riverside views as you pass the bridge. Prague Castle, standing on Petren Hill on the west bank of the Vltava River, is the largest ancient castle complex in the world. 


The castle contains the best of art from all periods of history, with St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane and the Old Palace being the three main attractions. Golden Alley is a medieval-style alley in Prague Castle, the whole alley is brightly coloured, delicate and lovely, just like a fairy tale. The houses on both sides have tiny windows and doors, low roofs and exaggerated chimneys, and feature speciality galleries and stores. Walk down the hill and enjoy the scenery of the small baroque town. The small town is located between Prague Castle and the river, along the hillside. The most attractive part of the neighbourhood is Neruda Old Street, which connects the castle with the small town square. Then to the Lennon Wall in the main square of the Prague Monastery, which is painted with Lennon's portraits and its songs. This artistic wall has now become a symbol of individuality and peace.


After nightfall, you can step on Charles Bridge in the twilight. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the day, the night gives it a different mysterious quality. No matter what time of day it is, Charles Bridge is always so busy with pedestrians, artists painting on the bridge and some vendors. The sunset is the most beautiful time of the day, when the sun sets on the shoulders of every visitor, and the castle in the distance looks even more majestic and ancient.