Incredible Spain


Spain is not just Gaudi's buildings. I can't imagine that there are so many beautiful buildings in Spain.No matter it is a city or a small town, Spain is full of art. Those bright colors and indescribable shapes are highly praised.

This castle is a pilgrimage place for sailing fans.

Colombares Castle has the architectural style of Byzantine, Roman, Gothic and Mudejar. The builder is a fan of Columbus, and he uses architecture as a tribute to the great man.

The castle is secretly carved with the details of Columbus's voyage to America, describing the course of Columbus's discovery of the American continent. Its shape is really unparalleled. There is also a small observation tower. You can climb up to overlook the Mediterranean scenery.

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The girl's dream will overflow the whole pool. You can't miss the hotel full of pin. Pink tropical style with champagne swimming pool must attract you here.

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is located in the Spanish island lzia, which is famous for its electroacoustic culture. Here you can release your love and passion for music. From the exterior wall to the swimming pool and then to the room, there is a continuous pink color. The geometric sense of home decoration makes every detail of the hotel worth considering.

Each room is equipped with Marshall's stereo and SMEG refrigerator.

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Hemingway's ‘City of elopement’ is Ronda which is located in the clouds.

This is a small town suitable for honeymoon or elopement, and it is charming everywhere. All the sights here are romantic.

The valley with a width of 90 meters divides the whole town into new and old urban areas.

The Nuebo Bridge, which connects the two districts, is surrounded by mountains, and white cabins grow on the cliffs with many strange rocks.

Meet the Spanish white mountain cityMijas. The town of Mijas is surrounded by green trees on the 428m cliff above sea level. The houses with red tiles and white walls spread along the gentle foothills.

Mijas is also a typical white town with flowers in full bloom.The narrow and orderly streets are dotted with decorative flower pots with Andalusian characteristics. The mountain is often surrounded by fog, which is full of artistic conception. You can smell the breath of the Mediterranean Sea when you look at the foot of the mountain. Some interesting buildings are distributed on both sides of the streets of the historical block. Quietly shuttle in the white alleys of Mijas, whether walking or carriage, are comfortable. The most important scenic spot in the town is the Ermita de la Virgin de la Pena. This cave, carved on the top of the rock by monks in the 17th century, is dedicated to the statue of the Virgin Rockthe town's patron saint. The observation tower next to the chapel is the best place to overlook the Mediterranean scenery.

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The song of ice and fire is originally hidden on this island.

SAN JUAN DE GAZTELUGATXE is an island. The island and the mainland are connected by a narrow and continuous stone footpath. On the top of the island is a winter palace built in the 11th century.

It has 213 steps to reach the village, or you have to climb the rock to reach the monastery at an altitude of 80 meters. After arriving at the monastery, according to the local rules, you can ring the bell three times and make a wish. You can hear the divine voice.