Enjoy the fairytale scenery along the Eastern European towns.


Many small towns in Eastern Europe are not famous but beautiful, and this article recommends a small-town tour route for readers. On the way to Bratislava from Krakow, you will see many small towns with good weather, a blue sky with a few white clouds and open green meadows in the distance, the scenery is like an oil painting. The wonderful scenery of the town makes tourists come here to praise.

Compared to the surrounding towns, Trenčín, Slovakia, can be considered a big city, but it is still not as noisy as other busy cities, it has a touch of tranquillity. There are only a few residents on the streets, and there is no hustle and bustle. Even in the city centre, there are no crowds and noise, so it is especially suitable for tourists who like to wander around quietly. 


There is a medieval castle in the centre of Trenčín, Trenčín hrad, which has been destroyed by fire, but after several renovations, it has been restored with a strong atmosphere of history and still stands majestically. After visiting the castle, you can't miss the famous restaurant Lanius, which is located not far from the castle and has a long history despite its inconspicuous location. Enjoy the authentic local cuisine in the old castle-style restaurant with traditional Slovakian beer!


Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is about an hour and a half's drive from Trenčín. This small and beautiful city is often overlooked by tourists, as it is surrounded by other prestigious cities, but this does not detract from its unique atmosphere. In the heart of the city is the Slovak presidential palace Grasalkovičov palác, which is still the office and residence of the president. The beautiful Danube River runs through Bratislava, dividing the capital into an old and a new town.


The Old Town is full of attractions, so let's walk through the Old Town and experience the small but sophisticated style of the city. Looking up, you can see a beautiful church, Kostol svätej Alžbety / Church of St. Elisabeth, which is unique in its appearance, with a light blue facade, decoration and brickwork, hence the name "Blue Church". The church has a distinctive appearance with its light blue facade, decoration and brickwork, hence the name "Blue Church.) The Fountain of Roland, located in the middle of the square, is one of the most important landmarks of the city and is situated in the Old Town City Hall Square. The image of the fountain is that of a knight in heavy armour breaking through. It is one of the favourite meeting points in the city centre.

Even the interior of the church is a romantic light blue, not only the iron doors are blue, but also some of the interiors are blue. The old town of Bratislava is full of outdoor restaurants and cafes, and the whole city has a relaxed atmosphere. If you are tired of the fast pace and pressure of the big city, you must come here to enjoy the slow pace of life.