Must-do for traveling to Dallas


As one of the top ten cities in the United States, Dallas has always been considered as a major center of gastronomy as well as the heart of the abundant southern culture. Just like the city slogan "Big Things Happen Here", Dallas, a wonderful southern city, will surely bring you unprecedented surprises!

If you want to have a deep understanding of the culture of Dallas, why not pay a visit to the theater and art gallery in the city center - the Dallas Art District, the Dallas Art Museum are excellent places to enjoy American design and famous European paintings! Meanwhile, there are also a variety of activities in the dazzling art area. You can not only buy local unique small jewelry and works of art in the souvenir shop of the Dallas Art Museum, but also enjoy an exhibition in the Nasher Sculpture Center, where many well-known works of art of contemporary artists are displayed irregularly.

Of course, what you can't miss when you come to Dallas is the scenic spot related to the assassination of President Kennedy, which is the Sixth Floor Museum. The "sixth floor" museum, located in the center of Dallas, was built to commemorate the assassination of former US President Kennedy. The reason why it is called the "sixth floor" is that the killer's three bullets were shot from the sixth floor of the building that used to be a textbook warehouse.

Kennedy Memorial Square is the second scenic spot that can't be missed when you visit Dallas in the United States. It is also related to President Kennedy; The monument is designed to be suspended from top to bottom and surrounded by four sides. There is only one black marble on the interior floor of the monument, on which the name of Kennedy is engraved with gold. It is worth visiting.

Dallas is also particularly "tasty" - diversified restaurants can meet all tastes from meat lovers to healthy vegetarians! The authentic American Southern food at Roots Southern Table and Mexico Taco at Resident Taqueria are strongly recommended. How about seafood? Then go to Rex's Seafood and Market and order a dozen oysters. With a martini, it will be fantastic!

If you would like to try typical Texas cuisine, the choice would be the hot sauce pot, a rich stew made of beans, meat and tomato sauce. Tolbert's Restaurant&Chili ParloRed will not let you down. And there are live music performances almost every night. Leave some appetite for Sweet Georgia Brown bar-B-Que Barbecue, a cafeteria with braised pork chops in gravy, kale, macaroni and cheese, as well as other soul food staples.

Dallas has a prosperous urban landscape, modern facilities and magnificent skyline. In addition to the above introduction, Dallas is also a place with rich cultural heritage. I believe that for people who love culture and art, Dallas is definitely the best choice.