What is new retail model of luckin coffee?



With the development of the information age, the offline retail industry has been seriously impacted. Moreover, the growth rate of online retail sales is also slowing down year by year. We need a new retail model to stimulate market demand.

Now, I will take the new retail model of luckin coffee as an example to analyze today's new retail.


Luckin coffee makes full use of the advanced technologies in the Internet, such as big data and cloud computing, and optimizes the supply chain at all levels.

It is different from traditional coffee brands. Luckin coffee does not have a large number of offline stores and staff. Customers' information, data and various marketing activities are carried out online. These changes have greatly improved operational efficiency.

Unlike offline queuing, customers can download the luckin coffee app on their mobile phones. They can place orders on their mobile phones without queuing in the store or even picking up coffee themselves.

It uses a method of viral social split marketing. This method can greatly attract the purchase desire of new users and the repurchase idea of old customers. This method also reduces the cost investment in advertising, and can also benefit customers. For example, when a customer buys a cup of coffee, he only needs to publish some activity content on the social platform. He and another new user can get a cup of free coffee.

Now consumers pay more and more attention to humanization and personalization. This has higher requirements for the brand's service process. Its "Online + offline + logistics" mode not only enables customers to get a satisfactory experience, but also makes the circulation of funds and commodities efficient and concise.

Luckin coffee uses big data technology to obtain all sales records of customers, and creates a personalized service system for each customer. From this, it can analyze customers' habits and hobbies, make predictions, and recommend to customers to increase repurchase opportunities.

Luckin coffee also provides customers with different scenarios to meet the needs of different customers. This diversified scene design will attract more customers to consume.

It also launched an omni channel retail model to focus on customers' consumption experience. It uses unmanned retail, such as unmanned vending machines and unmanned coffee drivers, to interact with customers 24 hours a day.

Luckin coffee improves brand awareness through various we media ways to attract customers. Compared with the traditional way of publicity, it improves the efficiency and reduces the cost.

At the same time, luckin coffee continues to adopt and put forward new consumption ideas. It also pays attention to the celebrity effect and uses the influence of celebrities to help the brand improve its popularity.


In general, luckin Coffee comprehensively uses the new marketing methods, publicity methods and information technology methods of the times to establish a new sales model. In recent years, luckin Coffee is rapidly developing into a well-known innovative coffee brand through this new model.