The most comprehensive guide to Macau travel


What should I do when I come to Macau? This article provides you, the reader, with recommended tips on how to travel in Macau. You can spend the morning touring Coloane Island, an outlying island of Macau, which is like a small fishing village left alone - the sun and sea, clean streets, colourful houses, and unique stores all exude a lazy aura that makes you forget the bustle of Macau. A 15-minute drive from Coloane Island to Taipa in the afternoon will take you from a quiet fishing village to the welcoming downtown area of the city. For historical reasons, a great deal of Portuguese culture and atmosphere has been preserved here. Staying on the Macau Peninsula gives you easy access to attractions such as St. Paul's, the Senado Pavilion and A-Ma Pavilion, and it's also easy to get to the outlying islands, where there's a relatively wide selection of both small traditional hotels and upscale five-star hotels.

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If you do not want to go to the popular attractions to see the crowds, in fact, the old town near St. Paul's, there are many "secrets" waiting for you to dig; in the afternoon, go to the Fisherman's Wharf theme park, continue to explore the exotic atmosphere of Macau, there is not only a 90% simulation of the ancient Roman Colosseum, there are many European-style buildings, a collection of national tastes of food restaurants.截屏2023-03-10 14.16.38.png

Located on the Cotai Strip, the Sands Macao Resort is also a great place to stay, with world-class high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shows and more for visitors. The pedestrian paths on both sides are paved with French limestone and marble. Everything is magnificent and dazzling as far as the eye can see. Under the blue sky, the main entrance square of Parisian Macau, a replica of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, has become a tourist landmark in Macau, and if you want to overlook the entire magnificent Parisian Resort, you can climb to the observation deck on the 37th floor of the Tower.

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Fisherman's Wharf is the first large entertainment complex designed in a thematic style in Macau. It is perfect for taking photos, combining the famous Colosseum scene from Rome in Europe with elements of Athenian mythology. The building is imposing, with tall pillars, all with mottled surfaces, and the presumably aged architecture gives a sense of age, a combination of vicissitudes of Roman and Athenian styles. Perhaps because the Fisherman's Wharf is far from the city, there are not too many tourists here. The uninterrupted time is very suitable for tourists who like quiet. It is more like a small city of colour, besides being able to sightsee and take pictures, there are many western-style restaurants and bars, or some brand-name clothing stores, and shopping and eating here can make you complete. Fisherman's Wharf at night will have another kind of style, romantic and intoxicating. Taking the above into account, Macau is a small city, but it is perfect for tourists to visit, both in terms of attractions and shopping areas.