How Much Do You Know About the Field of Finance?


Throughout history, the field of finance has always been the hotspots of people's attention around the world.As ordinary people, The only impression we have on the field of finance is that it can generate a great amount of money which cannot be easily accessed by the general public. The rules and the regulations of finance can be mysterious for us. Today, we can have a deeper understanding and have a further look at the field or finance in an easy and a simple way.


To analyze the industry of finance it is necessary for us to have more knowledge about the organization of the whole industry and also the occupations of finances of all the financial institutions. The modern system of the financial industry has grown into a complicated one. There are multiple ways of categories related to the field of finance. To help you have an easy way to learn about the field or finance we can get to know this industry as follows.

From a macro perspective, we can divide finances into banks, investments, insurance etc. 


Among them, banks play a significant role in the whole industry.  Nowadays banks have multiple kinds of businesses for ordinary people. Traditionally the insurance companies are responsible for providing the services and products of insurance for the general public. But today the banks also have these functions for providing the services of insurance to us and some people do have more trust in the products of the banks. 

Investments can be divided into security, bonds, funds, futures, trusts, etc. Different countries can be greatly varied in choosing the products and categories of investments. For example, the investment banks in some American and European countries Can be referred to the investment banks of the security traders in China. In addition the concept of large scale investment banks in European and American countries can be the same as the whole system of the financial institutions in China including the securities, bonds, trusts, features etc.


Generally speaking, insurance is provided by insurance companies. It is to sell the contracts of insurance and provide guarantees for the whole society to be not burdened with the potential risks in our daily lives. In some countries the general public can have six or seven types of insurance for their whole life which can represent their relatively updated system of insurance. Of course, in the countries where people do not have too many kinds of insurance to guarantee their living and development needs, there are huge potential for the insurance industry to grow.

To have an even deeper and sufficient understanding of the financial industry, we need to put in more time and energy into it.